About Me

Michelle Tompkins

Hi! My name is Michelle Tompkins and I make ideas happen. What does that mean? Well, whether it is writing an article on current events or pop culture, coming up with a funny top ten list on a popular movie or TV show or perhaps arguing the merits of Star Trek vs Star Wars, developing scripts or book projects, curating and creating a gift guide or writing a review of a restaurant or product, or conducting an interview, I give my editors and readers what they want.

But, that’s not all. With my background in public relations, with an emphasis on crisis communications strategy, I can use my writing, speaking and people skills to help fix an individual’s or organizations’ communications problems and aid with content marketing. I wear both hats as a writer and a publicist and that works for me and my clients. Let me help you make ideas happen.





With over 15 years writing and editing experience I have written everything from articles, blog posts and press releases to gift guides, travel pieces and much, much else. I also regularly conduct interviews and restaurant reviews. What can I write for you?

Communications Strategist

As a communication strategist I regularly pitch stories, create strategic content, write speeches, form talking points, aid in crisis communication plans, and manage social media and content marketing campaigns, among other tasks. Need help with your content strategy? Let’s talk!