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Hi! My name is Michelle Tompkins and I make ideas happen. What does that mean? Well, whether it is writing an article on current events or pop culture, coming up with a funny top ten list on a popular movie or TV show or perhaps arguing the merits of Star Trek vs Star Wars, developing scripts or book projects, curating and creating a gift guide or writing a review of a restaurant or product, or conducting an interview, I give my editors and readers what they want.

But, that’s not all. With my background in public relations, with an emphasis on crisis communications strategy, I can use my writing, speaking and people skills to help fix an individual’s or organizations’ communications problems and aid with content marketing. I wear both hats as a writer and a publicist and that works for me and my clients. Let me help you make ideas happen.


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With over 15 years writing and editing experience I have written everything from articles, blog posts and press releases to gift guides, travel pieces and much, much else. I also regularly conduct interviews and restaurant reviews. What can I write for you?

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Communications Strategist

As a communication strategist I regularly pitch stories, create strategic content, write speeches, form talking points, aid in crisis communication plans, and manage social media and content marketing campaigns, among other tasks. Need help with your content strategy? Let’s talk!

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"A strategic thinker with a big heart, Michelle is the queen of keeping her cool under pressure. Her people skills make her a pleasure to work with, while her work ethic makes her a pleasure to manage."- Jillian Dykhouse (Digital Content Strategy and Development)
"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Michelle Tompkins during the seven-plus years she was at Girl Scouts of the USA. Michelle was my go-to person whenever I needed a creative thought partner, expert advice or access to resources. On several occasions, she provided guidance RE: communicating about sensitive issues. The three-hour time difference between us was never an issue, as Michelle was accessible and responsive 24/7. My counterparts in Girl Scout councils across the country and I benefited from the well-attended webinars that Michelle created, receiving invaluable information, advice and support, as well as the opportunity to share best practices. I also enjoyed working with her in person when I served on GSUSA’s Marketing/Communications Network."- Mary Doyle (Communications Director, Girl Scouts San Diego)
"Michelle is the person you want on your team or project. She has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Beyond that, she possesses an incredible gift for patience and grace, and a sense of humor that makes her a joy to work with. Her integrity is above reproach. Michelle was a solid mentor and an invaluable resource to hundreds of communications professionals across the country during her tenure with Girl Scouts. Regardless of her own busy schedule, she could always find time to listen, advise, and lead us to the best possible outcomes for our organization. Whatever the issue, we could always come to Michelle for guidance and assistance. A reassuring presence in good times and bad, Michelle's greatest gift may be her innate sense of perspective. She always sees the big picture, even while focusing on the most finite details. Without hesitation, I recommend Michelle as a colleague, teammate, or an independent contractor."- Nancy White (Marketing Communications Strategy)
"I've known Michelle for many years and have closely followed her career. She is one of the most creative thinkers and strategists I've worked with. Although she has many talents I am most impressed by her ability to "think on her feet" when she faces a complex problem. She is fearless and a force for stability in a crisis situation. Her mastery of the written word is also an amazing gift. She has my highest recommendation."- Robert Nordeman
"Michelle is a bright, personable and an extremely caring person. She is phenomenal at crafting press releases, and writes engaging articles that are both informative and concise. Indeed, any project would benefit from her personal touch."- Marguerite Daniels Anderson (Web Designer and Recipe Developer)
"Tompkins (I always call her Tompkins) is a pleasure to work with. She brought many good ideas to the table, and always worked well with cross-functional teams. She led productive and well-thought out meetings and webinars. Tompkins is someone who cared about her colleagues and made the office a more pleasant place to be because of her strong work ethic, smarts and sense of fun."- Gina Caputo (Senior Director, Product Marketing at United Way)
"Michelle's support was instrumental in helping me gain the tools and confidence to take on the world of media and crisis management. She professional, inspirational, and humorous."- Tauna Quimby (Director of Communications, Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin)
"Michelle Tompkins brings the rare combination of strategic vision and tactical execution to her work. As a publicist, she is the only professional I have ever known who made cold calls to major news outlets and that resulted in the development of long-term relationships, numerous media hits, feature stories and television interviews. Michelle is insightful and on-point and most importantly, she keeps her clients on message so that brand goals are met and visibility is increased. Michelle Tompkins writes. That is not true of all publicists. She not only knows what needs to be said and how to say it but she can write it- the article, the release, the speech, the interview. Speaking to the media can be daunting. Michelle trained our executive personnel so that no one would be unprepared in working with the media. It is my pleasure to recommend Michelle Tompkins whether you need her to develop and execute your plan or run your campaign. She is talented, skilled, insightful and competent."- Jaclyn Libowitz (Executive Coach & Leadership Ambassador)
"Michelle is a strategic thinker and brilliant writer. She has a strong grasp of media relations and is able to shape a news story. I have had the privilege of working with her and always happy to be on her team. She is collaborative and reliable."- Nancy Wood (Director of Public Relations at Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital)
"Michelle Tompkins earned her stripes in a fast-paced media environment at Girl Scouts of the USA. She managed crisis communications, media placement, social media, and executive media grooming. She has a brilliant sense of humor, is articulate, and gets results. It was pleasure working with Michelle whose leadership, professionalism, and business skills inspired our staff to achieve far-reaching communication goals. She's a pro!"- Janet Lombardi (Director, Information and Referral Center at Girl Scouts of the USA)
"Cool, calm and never a stranger to crisis when they occurred. That was Michelle. She lead her teams out of crisis by providing thoughtful and proven solutions. She was always a professional and her warmth and humor were definitely welcomed. I'd love the opportunity to work with her again and I know whatever she is working on professionally she is doing so with great enthusiasm."- Elisabeth Koroh (Go Getter, Innovator, Risk Taker, Leader at G.I.R.L. Scouts)
"Michelle was a par excellent and steadfast communications manager in an organization that drew fire from unlikely places. Creative, intuitive and dedicated, she knew how to get a great story and downplay a bad one. She is loyal and committed with a superb sense of humor which along with a great candy dish, kept her guest chair warm. One of my Girl Scouts favs!"- Margie French (CEO & Founder at Greylock Associates)
"As the communicator responsible for proactive and reactive media relationship building on behalf of a non-profit in the greater Chicago media market, I valued the expertise, humor and guidance that Michelle brought to her role as the national media relations manager for our entire organization. She faced often interesting and challenging situations with a calm demeanor, a smart strategy and a fearless zest for bringing forth a transparent outcome with beneficial outcomes for all involved parties. Her quick wit, direct approach and quest for the best possible angle to a story positioned the organization well. It was a pleasure to work with her."- Julie Somogyi (Vice President, Member and Mission Engagement at Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana)
"Michelle Tompkins is a natural born leader with a commanding, yet warm and inviting, presence. Her skills with handling the media are any client's dream. I had the pleasure of working closely with Michelle for more than five years and was immediately blown away by her ability to handle both mundane tasks and complex media crises with an effortless ease that simply cannot be taught. This talented, hard-working extrovert is quick on her feet while creative and strategic in her approach to building successful internal and external communications campaigns. Beyond her exceptional professional abilities, Michelle has a huge heart and is always willing to teach--and learn from--others when necessary."- Shonda Smith (Speakers Bureau Manager at Peace is Loud)
"Something to communicate, a crisis to solve, need to create buzz? Michelle Tompkins is the perfect person for the job. I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for 5 years at Girl Scouts of the USA, where we collaborated on several projects. Sharp and talented, she always brought ideas and a think-out-of-the-box approach. I was always impressed by her capacity to handle the toughest media situations effortlessly and efficiently. Always busy and juggling with multiple projects at the same time, she never lost her good mood, sense of humor and capacity to make you feel at ease. I have no hesitation to recommend Michelle to any position in communications; she would be an asset for any team."- Amelia de Dios Romero (Novelist, AWA. Diversity Marketing Consultant)
"Our Girl Scouts of the USA account team at PadillaCRT, PR agency of record for GSUSA for 12 years, began working with Michelle soon after she joined the Girl Scouts in 2005. We liked her immediately. She is hard-working, creative, reliable, friendly and quick to respond to any query. It wasn't long before she took on leadership roles and was no longer just a team member, but was leading the cross-functional team at GSUSA in areas such as media outreach, producing written materials and managing crisis communications."- Patrice Tanaka (Chief Joy Officer, Author, Public Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Girls & Women's Leadership Advocate)
"I have been a colleague of Michelle for many years and have found her to be highly interpersonal but professional as she provides insightful guidance for issues management, interacts with today's media, develops written materials and manages projects."- Donna Ramer (Owner StrategCations, Inc.)
"It is a pleasure to write about Michelle and her wonderful work with my Girl Scout Council as well as the National Organization. Michelle was my go to person regarding sensitive issues. She was prompt in getting back to me, had creative solutions to issues and had great incite and research into the issues that we as CEOs for the Girl Scouts frequently deal with on a daily basis. She always kept in mind the question - "How will this affect the girls and volunteers and how can we use the situation to inform the public about the great work our organization does for the community." I so appreciate her ideas and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that our council was able to answer the "call." Her experience and expertise allowed her to perform her duties at the top level resulting in solutions for our council. I am thankful she was at Girl Scouts when I became CEO."- Cathy Ferguson (CEO at Girl Scouts of Central California South)
"At Girl Scouts of the USA, I worked closely with Michelle on a number of crisis communications. I personally--and the entire organization--benefited from her intelligence, her grasp of the central issues, her understanding of different media and audiences, and above all her ability to stay calm (and keep others calm) while moving quickly toward an effective resolution. When things turn weird, she's a terrific person to have in your corner."- Peter Johnston (President, Foxhound Enterprises)
"I met Michelle almost 10 years ago during a challenging transition period at the national Girl Scout organization. I was serving as the interim SVP for marketing and communications, charged with moving the headquarters out of traditional print production and into digital publishing and Web 2.0. Michelle was a member of the media team and in that capacity provided superior support to the CEO and other senior leaders, as well as competent assistance to journalists who were writing stories about the Girl Scouts."- Bonnie McEwan (Consultant, College Professor, Writer)
"Michelle's talent and enthusiasm for the communications media process and product are boundless. She has a vision and can identify the steps needed to reach that goal, whether it be managing the staff of weekly edition of a college newspaper, or a film review she has to compose each week as the Arts & Entertainment section editor. She has taken her talent from Sacramento to New York and expanded the management skills she developed in a newsroom to managing a communications staff and developing nonprofit messaging. I fully endorse Michelle Tompkins for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. Alongside her polite, inquisitive and kind nature, her talent and skills will take her far."- Carol Terracina Hartman (Campus Media Advisor, Freelance Journalist)
"I've worked with Michelle on several projects where she has interviewed celebrities and other experts. She has always been incredibly professional and well researched. Her questions are unique and engaging and her articles are both informative and fun to read. I look forward to working with her more!"- Tiffany Miller (Publicist & Digital Strategist)
"What first impressed me about Michelle was her creativity and enthusiasm. Since then, her willingness to take on any project and turn the mundane into fun has made her a tremendous asset to the site. From basic news to interviews to holiday guides, there is little Michelle hasn't tackled with us. Michelle goes above and beyond to work with me and the other editors, as well as the other writers. She is truly a pleasure to work with. What I find most admirable about her is that Michelle has a desire to learn and grow that is boundless. I look forward to continuing to be part of her process."- Angela Corry (Editor-in-Chief, thecelebritycafe.com)